Tuya Smart announces to become an Alexa voice service system integrator, empowering developers to innovate

On October 20th, US time, Tuya Smart, the world’s leading AIoT platform, announced that it has become an Alexa Voice Service (AVS) system integrator. System integrators provide Alexa voice  service hardware and software solutions, which can quickly help device manufacturers to easily integrate Alexa voice capabilities into IoT products, greatly improving the product development efficiency of developers, thereby reducing their development time, Energy and budget enable them to bring products to market faster and more efficiently.Tuya Smart provides a full set of Alexa Voice Service (AVS) hardware and software solutions. The VWRK4 module developed by Tuya integrates the Alexa voice service. Developers can implement Alexa voice service empowerment by integrating this module. Among them, the infrared (IR) remote control integrated with this module has been certified by Amazon AVS, and end users can easily control their TV and other infrared control devices through Alexa voice. In addition, many products using VWRK4 modules are undergoing AVS certification, such as speakers, gateways, smart mirrors and smart plugs. For developers who use the Tuya certification module, product development costs can be reduced and products can be launched quickly. This statement is based on the cooperation between Tuya and Amazon. Since the world’s leading AI+IoT platform Tuya Smart launched the “Powered by Tuya” voice control device, the integration with Alexa voice service has become an important layout in the field of smart home devices. Fritz Werder, general manager of Tuya Smart North America Headquarters, said: “Tuya is honored to continue to cooperate with Amazon and become its system integrator. Our solution uses 2-mic front-end algorithm to help developers reduce hardware costs and shorten development. Cycle. Now they can also connect and control more than 90,000 Powered by Tuya products through Amazon’s Alexa voice service.”


Post time: Oct-27-2020