Smart home | what will smart home look like in the future?

    Now the quality of life is gradually improving, the development of science and technology is also more and more rapid, the intelligent era has invaded our life. Our life has changed from boring and slow to interesting and convenient now. With the development of Internet of things day by day, people’s lifestyle has been gradually changed. This series of changes can not help but make people imagine what kind of scene the future technology and life will be like? Is it the era of full intelligence?

Thinking back to the present, more advanced smart home has attracted much attention. Smart home is mainly built by advanced computer technology, network technology, generic cabling and other technologies. At the same time, relying on ergonomics, it integrates some personalized exclusive requirements, and integrates various systems of home life, such as access control system, lighting control system, curtain control system, gas control system and so on, through a unified central controller connected, and then through the mobile phone network to achieve comprehensive automatic control and management, to enhance the comfort of people’s daily home life.


Mobile phone has become a universal central remote control

in the future, it is not only mobile phones that will be disconnected from the Internet. Refrigerators, washing machines, watches, even desks and chairs may become your “disconnected objects”. Because at that time, the mobile phone has become the connection entrance of all smart home products. It will control all things, improve the degree of home intelligence, and switch between virtual and real freely.

now more and more goods and devices are connected to the Internet. Perhaps by the end of 2020, the number of Internet of things devices will reach an astonishing 50 billion. This figure shows the rapid development of the Internet of things and its amazing development potential. Now the Internet of things ecosystem has been more deeply integrated into daily life than people think.

so smart phones in the future will surely become the universal remote control in every household. We can control the lights, TV, air conditioning and even the water tap through the mobile phones.

Mirrors can also measure your physical condition

the future smart mirror will break through the traditional use. For example, when we stand in front of the mirror, the mirror will automatically scan us, and then carry out relevant tests to detect our physical health. At the same time, we can record our body shape changes, and calculate the fat content and weight. When we dress up in the mirror, the smart mirror even provides modeling suggestions and dressing skills according to our daily preferences.

living in a busy city, less and less people will seriously understand their bodies, in fact, it is not because they do not care about themselves, but because of the heavy work pressure, they have no time to take care of them. The smart mirror is designed for the needs of these urban people.

Intelligent security management system

many times when we are not at home, we don’t know about some situations at home, so as to avoid the sudden burst of water pipe. When we get home, we find that the water is overflowing in the house, which is also the most worrying thing for many people. The so-called “housekeeping” is nothing more than the following: whether the electrical appliances, water pipes and natural gas are abnormal, whether there are special symbols at the door of the house, and whether they are stolen 。

and the intelligent security system can solve these problems well. This smart camera is a smart home product that uses Wi Fi network directly without computer connection. Through mobile phone app, it can remotely check all the situation of the home at any time and anywhere, make voice calls with family members, and support video sharing, alarm and other functions.

smart home development to the end, it should be a device without any terminal, you can directly use your senses to convey your mind to the home device. In the future, the more convenient kitchen of smart home can make delicious food easily. A mobile phone can control all the electrical appliances in the home, making it safer and more convenient to guard against theft Do you expect such a rich and colorful smart home life experience?

To sum up, smart home is a very effective and can be used in a large area of a home intelligent system, it can help everyone to solve home problems, to a certain extent, can effectively improve the happiness of home life, can help customers to eliminate most of the trouble, so smart home must be in the future.

Post time: Nov-17-2020