Intelligent lighting and work life in office

Using intelligent lighting in the office environment can improve work efficiency and create a more comfortable and closer to home atmosphere. Sinofly installed lighting systems for innogy’s Czech headquarters to help regulate the circadian rhythms of 550 employees. This innovative technology aims to improve comfort by changing the combination of color temperature and hue, making employees energetic, and the effect is comparable to a cup of strong coffee.

Keeping employees healthy and comfortable in the work environment is essential. Enterprises can use sensors in interconnected lighting to monitor space utilization, number of people, temperature, noise, light and relative humidity, so as to optimize the office environment, bring more healthy and comfortable office conditions for employees, and then help reduce the absence rate.

At the same time, Skanska’s office in Warsaw, a famous international construction group, adopts the intelligent skylight of natureconnect. It simulates the natural lighting effect, creates the feeling of space extension, and even simulates the natural environment, such as the shadow cast by palm leaves in the breeze. Research shows that high quality lighting can significantly affect our feelings and office efficiency.



Post time: Dec-11-2020