Graffiti smart works with next solutions to expand smart home product portfolio and Solutions


On November 20, graffiti smart, the world’s leading AI + IOT developer platform, announced a partnership with next solutions, the industry’s leading smart home brand. This will give the two companies new key advantages in the smart home market in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

It is understood that accvent holding group, the parent company of next solutions, is an industry leader with more than 30 years of excellent solution experience. At present, it has five cutting-edge technology brands, including klip Xtreme, next solutions, xtech, Primus and Forza. They have over 1400 products covering 16 different industries, such as connectivity, structured cabling, home automation, security, energy, PC accessories, audio and games.

“This collaboration gives us unique strategic advantages that other smart home solutions don’t have. Graffiti is responsible for all of our software and connectivity, and it has the world’s leading technology. We ourselves are responsible for product development and hardware, “said Bruno Garcia, vice president of sales and marketing at next solutions.” we have more than 50 distributors in 45 countries and more than 200 channel resources from mainstream retailers, which is also an important value for our cooperation. We firmly believe that working together will give us a huge competitive advantage in the smart home market. “

“The partnership between next solutions and graffiti will give the two companies the opportunity to expand the category of smart home devices and home automation solutions in the local market.” “Next provides customers with a wide range of home automation products through major retailers in Latin America and the U.S. market,” said Lu Shaoping, general manager of graffiti smart in the U.S. and Africa. We believe that next solutions will soon become the number one smart brand in the eyes of users. “

Last year, next solutions launched an integrated portfolio of smart home devices, including smart sockets, smart power boards, smart light bulbs, and a complete family safety suite, including windows, doors and motion sensors. They can be remotely controlled by the next solutions home app, which is hosted by Microsoft azure and enabled by graffiti Technology. Next plans to expand the app’s products to more than 40 categories by 2021.



Post time: Nov-30-2020